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videos for musicians :

for David Coulter & Seb Rochford
-UNTITLED (from the album Good Friday, Trestle Rec)
video HD - 4min10sec - 2016 (shot @ Minorca island, Spain)

for Akira Rabelais
-III (from the album The Little Glass)
video HD - 7min50sec - 2015 (shot @ Faraglioni dei Ciclopi, Sicilia)

for Tape

-CRAPS (from the album Casino)
video HD - 6min54sec - 2014 (shot @ Viols-en-Laval, F)
-REPOSE (from the album Casino)
video HD - 6min28sec - 2014 (shot @ Canal du Midi, F)

for Damon & Naomi

-WALKING BACKWARDS (from the album False Beats & True Hearts)
video HD 16/9 - 4min19sec - 2012 (shot @ Fucecchio, Italy)
-CRUEL QUEEN* (from the album Within These Walls)
video SD - 6min23sec - 2009 (shot @ Place de la Concorde, Paris, F)
-DEFIBRILLATION* (from the album Within These Walls)
video SD 4/3 - 4min42sec - 2009 (shot @ Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand)
-WITHIN THESE WALLS* (from the album Within These Walls)
video SD 4/3 - 5min34sec - 2008 (shot @ Mt Aigoual, F)
*available on DVD @ Factory 25

for Cyne

-PROTOTYPES (from the album Pretty Dark Things)
video SD - 3min09sec - 2009 (shot @ Sigean, F)
available with the vinyl edition

for Cats Hats Gowns

-CHERGUI (from the album Badisad Obistroz)
video HD 16:9 - 8min57sec - 2014 (shot @ chemin du couchant, Sète, F)


The video for REPOSE, off Stockholm band TAPE’s latest album CASINO, is a sleepy reflection of the song’s decidedly delicate sound. Gentle electric guitar melodies glide along as you move slowly into the water. Heading out of a desolate dock on a dreary day, you gradually move into open territory. The steadily slow motion is complemented by the bare pastel tones of the scenery, creating a dreamy atmosphere of sky and sea. As the song progresses, electronic, otherworldly noise is layered over the melodies. Alone, these sounds are mysterious and almost eerie; paired with the guitar, they serve to enhance the fanciful, ethereal quality of the song.
Carrie McMahon , October 28, 2014 - Boston Hassle