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Jeff Rian "Oh God"

HD video, 4min15sec, 2023

Oren Ambarchi "Shebang IV"

HD video, 10min57sec, 2023

Karen Vogt "I've been waiting for the longest time" (Superpang SP141)

video HD - 7min46sec - 2022

Karen Vogt "I've been in motion" (Superpang SP141)

video HD - 15min01sec - 2022

Cats Hats Gowns "As the sands"

video HD - 15min51sec - 2022

Frank Rabeyrolles "Merry go round" (Wool Recordings/ Le Vinyl Truck)

video HD - 5min16sec - 2022

Oren Ambarchi / Johan Berthling / Andreas Werliin "III" (Drag City)

video HD - 18min09sec - 2022

David Coulter & Seb Rochford "untitled"

video HD - 4min10sec - 2016

Akira Rabelais "iii"

video HD - 7min50sec - 2015

Tape "Repose" (Hapna)

video HD - 6min28sec - 2014

Tape "Craps" (Hapna)

video HD - 6min54sec - 2014

Cats Hats Gowns "Chergui"

video HD - 8min57sec - 2014

Damon & Naomi "Walking Backwards"

video HD - 4min19sec - 2012

Cats Hats Gowns "Abrash" (Coriolis Sounds cs03)

video SD - 3min19sec - 2009

Cyne "Prototypes" (Hometapes 026)

video SD - 3min08sec -2008

Damon & Naomi "Defibrillation"

SD video, 4min41sec, 2008

Damon & Naomi "Cruel Queen"

SD video, 6min22sec, 2008

Damon & Naomi "Within these Walls"

video SD - 5min34sec - 2008


Damon & Naomi - album Within These Walls
DVD @ Factory 25
-CRUEL QUEEN, 6min23sec
video SD, 2008/2009


O.Ambarchi/J.Berthling/A.Werliin "III" (Drag City)
Johan Berthling (for whom I did two videos with his TAPE project) sent a message with the Ghosted album attached wondering if I would do a video for a song of my choice. Immediately I decided to work on "III". Two weeks later, April 2, my grandfather died. He was a street sweeper and used to carry a trolley for the trash. For that reason, in the village in the south of France he was called "Chinese". Thinking about him, I thought of my Chinese dancer/performer friend, Xixi, and asked her if she wanted to find some worker’s clothes and clean the streets with me filming her for this music project. We totally improvised, without any kind of repérage (location scouting) or preconceived ideas, we simply started shooting. The clothes Xixi wore were also reminiscent of her grandfather who’d also passed away and who also wore the same kind of clothes as mine. Reminiscence. Exile. Ghost. Disappearance.
- C.E. 2022

Karen Vogt "I've been waiting for the longest time" (Superpang SP141)
WL//WH is pleased to premiere the evocative video by French filmmaker Cédrick Eymenier for the soul-stirring Ambient title track “I’ve Been Waiting For The Longest Time” off of the eponymous new EP via Italian label Superpang from Paris, France-based, Melbourne-bred vocalist, musician and co-founder of dream pop group Heligoland, Karen Vogt.
"I’ve Been Waiting For The Longest Time” EP was recorded originally as a live improvisation session at Karen‘s home in Paris. Later, she made some edits and added minimal overdubs to the two tracks. Karen plays electric guitar and runs both her guitar and voice through various pedals, effects and loopers.
An intoxicating audio-visual mirage fuses Karen Vogt’s deep droning and encompassing aural tones with Cedrick Eymenier’s captivating footage to warm frozen thought forms from the murky coldness of Winter’s fast-approaching moods. Distant ringing tolls ebb and flow with the panning momentum of a slowly erupting volcano to create immersive sentient sensations, swirling and rolling in hypnotic waves along an unfocused horizon, where grey fluffy plumes shapeshift emotions through harsh emerging swathes of seeping searing pain to pierce foggy numb feelings with slowly rising passions of cathartic hope.

- WhiteLight//WhiteHeat 2022

Karen Vogt "I've been in motion" (Superpang)
In recent weeks I've heard and read that according to some scientists, water not only came to earth from Space, but that it is one of the oldest and most present elements in the Universe, therefore, also one of the most important.
Of course, we all know that without it, life on the planet simply wouldn't exist, at least not as we know it. And perhaps the seas, the oceans, the clouds that form with steam, are the most representative images that human beings have of it.
Source of life, which, paradoxically, has not yet been fully explored, has also been a source of inspiration since the earliest days of humanity, present in all ancient myths, remains a great mystery.
Provider of calm, peace, tranquility, as well as capable of destroying everything in its path in just a moment of its fury. Perhaps the only certain thing is that it is always in constant motion. From the first years of school we learn that this movement is due to the force of attraction that the Moon's gravity exerts on it, as simple as it sounds, but complex and fascinating if we stop to think about it a little, I find it extremely poetic, that endless dance, that coming and going of bodies, masses and emotions.
Of course, not only the seas, the Earth itself is a body in motion, and everything that inhabits it, plants, trees, animals, the wind, mountains, us humans.
This is what makes me feel and think about the video that accompanies the track "I've Been in Motion" by Karen Vogt, Australian artist, vocalist and musician living in France, and that's that the images captured by Cédrick Eymenier are they fit in such a way with Karen's music that it's impossible not to get carried away. The track advances, moves and evolves calmly, at its own pace, just like the waves of the sea and the clouds in the sky throughout the day, they contain themselves, to finally wrap you with deep emotion.
"I've been in motion" is part of Karen Vogt's new release called 'I've been waiting for the longest time', available from this Friday on Italian label Superpang.

- Sound Collector Magazine 2022

Tape "Repose" (Hapna)
The video for REPOSE, off Stockholm band TAPE’s latest album CASINO, is a sleepy reflection of the song’s decidedly delicate sound. Gentle electric guitar melodies glide along as you move slowly into the water. Heading out of a desolate dock on a dreary day, you gradually move into open territory. The steadily slow motion is complemented by the bare pastel tones of the scenery, creating a dreamy atmosphere of sky and sea. As the song progresses, electronic, otherworldly noise is layered over the melodies. Alone, these sounds are mysterious and almost eerie; paired with the guitar, they serve to enhance the fanciful, ethereal quality of the song.
- Carrie McMahon 2014 -