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Jeff Rian

Angola Stools

Mark Borthwick


Openings of Degrees of Caution I & II

music by

Willshine, aka Mark Borthwick
check out Sébastien Jamain video report here

Angola Stools, aka James S. Taylor
check out Sébastien Jamain video report here

Jeff Rian, guitar & voice

16:9, dj

talk by

Jeff Rian "Paranoïa Soft"
I was looking for a way to write about a style of photography and independent film featured in Purple. The words “paranoia soft” jumped into my head and gave me direction. J.R.
First published in Flash Art magazine, November-December 1999, then in 2000 in a slightly different form in the catalog, “Supersonic Transport,” which accompanied an exhibition at the Charles H. Scott Gallery in Vancouver, B.C.

Centre Photographique, Marseille