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_The Answer

A smooth aquatic road movie. The story of a coincidence in the shape of a Rorschach test.
Shot on the Canal du Midi. Based on a true story.

Text by Gaëlle Obiégly
Original music by France Jobin and Stephan Mathieu
Soundtrack available on SCHWEBUNG

Images & sounds recorded & edited by Cedrick Eymenier
original french version, HD video 16:9, 107min, 2016
english version, translated by Bruce Benderson, 2017

Captain, Rogiero Mariani
Audio processing, Schwebung Mastering
Color calibration, Arthur Paux

Film project supported by DRAC LR, Gilles & Marie-Françoise Fuchs
+ Public collection IAC, Institut Art contemporain, Villeurbanne (F)

+++ check THE EVIDENCES here

Original french version

English version